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Clogged Pipe and Slow Drains

What is the easiest way to avoid clogging your pipes? The answer is simple: prevent clogged pipes in the first place. You can perform these simple actions for clogged pipe prevention:

  • Pour waste cooking grease into a used soup can or pickle jar and scrape as much grease out of the pan as you can with a piece of thin cardboard (such as from a cereal box) or a spatula. Wash the pan with hot soapy water to make sure the grease dissolves and flushes out of your drain. You can also pour a little ammonia down the drain to help clean any remaining grease out of the pipe.

  • Use a basket strainer for your kitchen sink if the drain does not go through the garbage disposal. Larger pieces of food can be collected and discarded.

  • Periodically remove the plug in the bathtub and remove any hair that has accumulated on the cross members of the drain.

  • Pour an enzymatic cleaner in your drains several times a year. Enzymatic cleaner is a solution of bacterial cultures and enzymes that slowly deteriorates organic material inside pipes. Such solutions should only be used as routine maintenance to help keep your drains clean. These products are recommended because they are not corrosive and are safe for pipes, plumbing equipment, and septic systems. Use enzymatic cleaners for your garbage disposals, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and other household drains.

  • Fully turn on the cold water and then the garbage disposal before dumping coffee grounds or eggshells (or anything) down the drain. If you do not have a garbage disposal, or if you have a septic system, do not put coffee grounds or eggshells down the drain. These materials will build up over time and cause drainage problems.

  • Once a month, fill each sink in your home to the brim and then pull up the stopper. The volume and weight of the water will fill the drain pipe completely with water. It will do a good job of flushing the drain line.

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